The 2016 Tennessee Local Food Summit to Take Place Dec. 2-4 By Matt Brown
The fifth annual Tennessee Local Food Summit will begin December 2 at Tennessee State Universityâ€TMs downtown Avon Williams Campus and will continue through December 4, with all three days featuring great food and events. The Tennessee Local Food Summit is all about bringing local food back to the table in Nashville. “By reducing the amount of time food travels, it solves several problems,” says Jeff Poppen, also known as the Barefoot Farmer and organizer of the Tennessee Local Food Summit. “It dawned on me that we should have a yearly conference to highlight these problems. This is where the conversation starts, by getting everyone who is involved in local food in one place.” In addition to classes and cooking demonstrations, the event will feature meals prepared by renowned chefs like Sean Brock, who will use local organic ingredients. The summit will also feature extensive workshops and seminars on topics including backyard and community gardening, the effects of agriculture on the environment, business models, economic opportunities, online marketing and much more. Special guest Joel Salatin, noted American farmer and author of You Can Farm and This Ainâ€TMt Normal, will be among those presenting at the event. “Local food will enjoy a huge boost from the Tennessee Local Food Summit,” says Joel. “For enthusiasm, inspiration and how-to, this is the place to be.” The keynote speaker, Larry Kopald of the Carbon Underground, will also be present to explain how carbon farming can reverse the effects of climate change.