Margot McCormack, Owner/Chef, Margot Cafe & Bar and Marche, Nashville

A Nashville native, Margot returned in 1995 to Nashville from New York City to find her voice in the local restaurant community. Upon her return, local restaurateur Jody Faison introduced her to the work and mission of chef Alice Waters. Now one of the leaders of NashvilleâTMs local food scene, MargotâTMs philosophy on food and cooking is inspired by French culture, based on seasonality and the very best locally sourced ingredients. We asked her about her favorite farmers.

LT: Who are the local farmers you depend on the most for your restaurants?

We rely on a host of many providers: Jim Day, Timbertop Farms, the Peach Truck, Southern Natural Beef, Springer Mountain Chicken, but our longest and most fruitful relationships have been with Tana Comer of EatonâTMs Creek Organics.

LT: What makes these farmers special to you?

Everyone we deal with are also small producers, so they understand our business better than the big companies. We love the face-to-face contact with the actual grower, as opposed to talking to a sales person.

LT: Is there anything that doesnâTMt grow locally that you really wish did?

It would be lovely to have just about everything at your fingertips, a la California, but then our region wouldnâTMt be so special. I think citrus would be nice, and avocados.