World Foods
If you ever find yourself on the historic West side of Cookeville, you should then proceed to World Foods. Upon walking in the door, the first thing youâ€TMll notice is that it looks like it was plucked directly from the cobblestone streets of some far off European town. The floor, walls and shelves are all stuffed with interesting cooking supplies, and the fridge with unconventional sodas and beers. Everything is old-fashioned and not what you would expect to find in a southern town, yet everyone who enters feels welcome. The second thing youâ€TMll notice is the size. There isnâ€TMt much room for hiding in the back and burying your face in a menu. This is place for meeting new people and having a good conversation. The third thing youâ€TMll notice is a tall, bearded man named Bill who will make you one of the finest pizzas in the great state of Tennessee—and heâ€TMll do it the way our founding fathers of pizza intended. World Foods was opened in 1999 by a couple named Al and Sharon DeFosche, who wanted to bring European foods to Tennessee and show Cookeville how wonderful the world is. After years of doing what they loved, Al and Sharon retired in 2016 and passed World Foods on to two trusted young men, Bill Hedderick and Jonathan McCauley, who have since carried on the good name. “People really love our Pizza,” Bill says with a satisfied smile. From the fact that itâ€TMs made by hand to order in the traditional flying pizza dough fashion, to the fresh ingredients that make it taste so good, to the pizza boxes with the signature logo on the top, World Foodsâ€TM pizza has it all. But the rich cuisine doesnâ€TMt stop at well-crafted pizza. You can get a chicken or beef Shawarma served on pita bread with sautéed mushrooms and onions with Middle Eastern spices or a falafel with fresh tomato and tzatziki sauce. “Weâ€TMve been told by some people from New Orleans that our muffaletta sandwich is made just as it should be,” says Bill. So you can rest assured that the food made at World Foods is no cheap imitation. They also have things like chicken or eggplant parmesan and a Philly cheesesteak for those who arenâ€TMt ready to venture too far out of their comfort zone but still want great food.