Welcome to summertime!

Spring took a long time coming, but for the first time in a few years, there was no damaging late frost, flood, or drought—so it looks like we will have a very bountiful summer.

The summer issue of Local Table explores the bounty of our region, taking a look at the rich agricultural and craftsman traditions of Cannon County and the Colvin Family Farm, along with some delicious Italian takes on how to prepare all that zucchini weâ€TMll be having in July and August! If you go to any of our area farmersâ€TM markets, you know farming is often a family enterprise. But youâ€TMll also be interested in hearing about the program Tennessee has introduced that designates family farms as “Century Farms” if they have been in the same family for at least 100 years.

Also in this issue, we shine the light on Susannah Fotopulos and her “Plant the Seed” non-profit—helping kids recognize the joy and delight of gardening, as well as the importance of eating healthy foods. Meanwhile, writer Annakate Tefft Ross takes a look at permaculture—a philosophy and method of gardening that rely on the diversity and natural balance of Mother Earth to nourish not only the soil, but the souls of those doing the gardening.

Summer in Middle Tennessee is full of music, the arts, long, lazy, humid days, and plenty of good food! We hope youâ€TMll come out and celebrate one of our favorite foods—the tomato—at the 10th anniversary of East Nashvilleâ€TMs Tomato Fest. This beloved local festival brings all the best elements of summer together under the same sun.

So enjoy the bounty of Middle Tennessee this summer—thereâ€TMs so much to explore in our beautiful countryside and so many delicious foods to enjoy!

See you at the farmersâ€TM market!

Lisa Shively