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Short Mountain, Stillhouse Restaurant and Local Table Come Together for June 13 Farm-to-Table Event

By Lee Morgan

While agriculture is a major part of the history of Tennessee, most people never think of the role distilleries have played in it. But near Woodbury, Tennessee, there is Short Mountainâ€TMs Billy Kaufman, who recognizes their importance and has managed to bring food and drink together to help create a setting where people can enjoy everything the land has to offer.

Three years ago, Short Mountain Distillery began operating on the 300-acre Short Mountain Farm in Cannon County, producing small batch traditional moonshine. The company has grown into a widely recognized brand found in bars and restaurants and on home shelves across the region. The spirits produced at the distillery are made with locally sourced corn from the farm itself. As the company grew, Kaufman saw there was something missing.

“We realized in order to make our distillery complete, we needed a place where people could sit down, eat and drink,” Kaufman said. “I couldnâ€TMt have the distillery and a restaurant here (because of licensing restrictions) so I talked to Todd Hollandsworth and he wanted to open a restaurant right here next to the distillery in the farm house.”

Hollandsworth enlisted the help of chef and restaurateur Vincent Bradberry to create a traditional eatery with some modern flair. The result was the Stillhouse Restaurant.

“We want it to be a Southern restaurant that keeps with the traditions of our rural area,” Kaufman said. “So, local people could come in here and like the local dishes, but we also want to cater to the health-conscious people, too, and create food that is elevated to the level that even our international tourists will be impressed by.”

The Stillhouse Restaurant is set to open its doors in June, and Local Table magazine has joined forces with Short Mountain and Stillhouse to put on a kickoff celebration and a true farm-to-table event at the new space on Saturday, June 13.

“This event will be a celebration of the mission statement of the distillery,” Kaufman said.

"I'm so excited we're doing our first farm-to-table event with the folks at Short Mountain and the Stillhouse Restaurant,” Lisa Shively, editor of Local Table, said. “Their practices and aesthetics are perfectly aligned with everything Local Table is passionate about--building community and using local producers.

"Short Mountain Distillery is just one piece of a beautiful sustainably managed farm, growing much of their own corn and raising cattle and sheep to keep the land healthy. They'll be growing much of their own produce for the restaurant and purchasing the rest from area producers. The distillery is built on a piece of the land situated next to a clear, year-round spring, which historically was used to make moonshine. They are using the spring again to make today's Short Mountain beverages. It's a small operation that embodies all the best of a small batch operation. I'm excited Local Table can be a part of the Stillhouse's opening festivities!”

Short Mountain Distillery is located at 8280 Short Mountain Road in Woodbury, Tennessee.