Itâ€TMs Spring Again!

Mother Nature has teased us all winter long by sneaking in spring-like days between days of below-freezing temps and blustery, gray days. Itâ€TMs nearly official—spring is here. Even as I write this in mid-February, many of the daffodils are blooming and the trees are starting to bud. Itâ€TMs the most hopeful time of the year for farmers and gardeners as evenings are filled with poring over seed catalogs and dreaming of the garden to be! So far, there have been no pests, late freezes, floods, straight-line winds, or drought—itâ€TMs all looking good from here!

Itâ€TMs also that time of year when many of our small family farms are signing up customers for their 2013 community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs. CSAs are economical, delicious ways to support both your local farmer and your familyâ€TMs health by getting a just-harvested box of veggies, fruit, and/or meat every week. Other than having your own garden, this is the freshest way to enjoy veggies, fruits, and meats. Check out the profile on PAGE XX [FILL IN AFTER LAYOUT] of one of our local CSAs, Beaverdam Creek Farm, by writer Lee Morgan. Along with the article is a list of other CSA farms serving the Middle Tennessee area. All CSAs are not the same, so explore, ask questions, go visit the farm, and find the perfect match for you and your family.

Itâ€TMs also one of the most beautiful times in Middle Tennessee and a great time to explore our rural communities. This year, Local Table plans to profile several area communities to discover the hidden gems in our backyard. We start it off with Annakate Tefft Rossâ€TMs look at Hickman Countyâ€TMs Arts and Ag Tour. Itâ€TMs a fun road trip visiting the farms, artisans, and businesses of the area. One of the communities, Coble, recently was hit hard by a winter tornado, and Iâ€TMm sure the local businesses would love to see you there! Hickman County is also where youâ€TMll find the Grand Ole Opryâ€TMs late Minnie Pearlâ€TMs own Grinderâ€TMs Switch—now home to the Grinderâ€TMs Switch Winery. So, enjoy Memorial Day weekend by touring the back roads of one of our beautiful rural counties.

And, thereâ€TMs so much else happening in the springtime. Farmersâ€TM markets re-open, neighbors come out of their houses, gardens are planted, and it just feels good to be outside.

Everyone here at Local Table wants to help make your spring season a healthy and tasty experience!

Lisa Shively