Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? Collective Eye Collection

The new documentary, Queen of the Sun, dazzles our senses with the beauty and magnificence of nature. The director, Taggart Seigel (The Real Dirt on Farmer John) uses bold colors combined with incredible photography to tell the story of the catastrophic disappearance of bees from our landscape. We get a look at the mysterious world of the beehive through the eyes of biodynamic and organic beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world. The loss of honeybees affects us all. Forty percent of all food consumed today is pollinated by bees. It turns out the honeybee has been viewed from the beginning of civilization as sacred due to its importance in the nurturing of life and fertility. No matter where you live or your 'relationship' with bees, everyone should be interested in beekeeping and the life of the honeybee. This is an engaging film and perfect viewing for 4-H & conservation groups. Farmers, beekeepers, church groups, garden clubs will all be interested in the preservation of the planet's agricultural diversity and the life around us.