Real Food Farms

In three years, Real Food Farms has grown from 1 acre to 15 acres. That rapid success has been due to the hard work of co-owners, David Dailey and John-Paul Cahill. They credit the many supporters they have in the community. Yet it's beyond sweat or support. These men have an adventurous and creative spirit that has, in a short time, been rewarded. In their Brentwood garden, it's easier to list what they don't produce than to list what they do offer. The farm produces almost everything but Christmas trees, which, of course, they did consider. The farmers went with 8 hogs instead. The new swine were added recently to the roster as "an experiment," John-Paul says. "We are feeding the hogs vegetables, trying different pastures to produce fatter hogs without the use for growth hormones." In this way, "the animals complement the garden and vice versa. We don't use anything but manure and dirt." David and John-Paul seem game for any practicable idea: baby greens, milk and yogurt share, eggs, work share. Real Food Farms offer a unique plan: subsidized 1/8 student CSAs. The price is lower but builds a market for the future. It's a marvelous project that could well offer a life-long lifestyle change for the kids who participate. John-Paul's final assurance is, "We are 100% natural - the way it was 100 years ago, but with a tractor."
Visit the the website: . The site gives pick-up locales, details on customizing your weekly box and a glimpse at what they plan next.