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The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook The University of Georgia Press
Edited by Sara Roahen and John T. Edge

The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook delivers an unforgettable read. Not just the revealing recipes that we are hungry for - Shout Hallelujah Potato Salad and Root Beer Glazed Ham but the voluminous information. The book unfolds with characters, such as cooks, eaters, artisans, farmers, writers and thinkers. It is a table treasury. In one section on appetizers Jessica Harris, part-time Southerner, declares her Spiced Pecans dispatch "just enough heat to entice folks into another glass of champagne while the paprika gives a smoky flavor and a dash of cinnamon adds an exotic touch,"

The Southern Foodways Alliance has collected the goods - a community cookbook with standout preparations and zany stories to go with them. The director of Southern Foodways Alliance, John T. Edge, professes devotion to community cookbooks. "Such allegiance might as well be a job requirement for an organization like ours," he says. "We are dedicated to sharing tales of our region's vernacular culinary culture."