[Intro to farm guide LT spring 2010]

Spring is a time of endless possibilities. I love watching the garden come alive again, especially after the long, cold, and wet winter we've just finished. I'm thankful to those farmers who take the extra time and care to grow veggies, strawberries, and flowers in the greenhouse so we can once again enjoy such spring crops as local greens, spring onions, radishes, broccoli and early lettuces. It's truly a season to rejoice in the re-awakening of our gardens.

The following spring farm guide lists those farmers who have both early crops to offer, as well as those producing year round beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Look for the cow icon to find a local meat producer.

We've also got special listings of strawberry growers on page XXXX and CSA farms on page XXX. Since many of our local farmers grow only for the summer harvest, we have listed on page XXX those farmers' markets that open in the spring season. If your local market isn't listed, most likely they aren't opening until June-but call if you've got a question.

Once again, we at Local Table hope that by discovering the source of our food, we will all be more respectful of where and how we enjoy food. Farm fresh food is a great excuse for having friends over for a simple dinner, or just to gather around the dinner table to actually talk to your family over a home cooked meal.

This spring remind and define for yourself what your community is, and how we can all experience the blossoming of spring through the simple act of eating.

--Lisa Shively