Winter is here! It doesn't feel that way with our recent temperatures, but as I'm writing this a cold front is supposed to be moving in tonight. For those of us who like to garden and farm in our area, we want some winter freezes to help keep pests in control for the following spring and help our fruit bearing plants and trees have a nice boost from the cold. I still don't have all of my garden put to bed yet, but hoping to get it all done by the end of the month!

Winter used to a time of rest and planning for local farmers. However, more and more of our local, small family farms are deciding to farm year round so there is more access to fresh greens and cool weather crops like spring onions, broccoli, and all kinds of lettuces and greens like kale, Swiss Chard, spinach and arugula. I think it's great for us the consumer, but wonder about our friends, the farmers. Farm work is tough enough and any livestock producer will tell you it can be rough to never have a break or a day off. Me - I like the extra time of the dark days and blustery days to pour over seed catalogs and dream about my next garden!

There are several farmers markets in the area who have extended their season as well, so check to see if your local market is still open and carrying fresh produce, dairy and meats. I know the Franklin Farmers Market, The Rutherford County Farmers Market, the Clarksville Farmers Market and the Nashville Farmers Market are all open through the winter season. Continue to support your local farms for the holidays!

We've changed up some of the editorial on the website, added a new Healthy Table and keep adding new farmers to the Farm Guide. If you haven't already, check out our local Christmas tree growers to buy your fresh, locally grown tree!

Happy Holidays!