With a little help from our
As we weave together the threads of this issue of Local Table, we see that a theme has emerged, a theme of community. Of connection with our families and friends, with the land, with our food, and our farmers; with most of what makes life good.
The importance of community is highlighted in the still-unfolding stories of May?s epic floods. The waters have receded, but clean-up and rebuilding will go on for a long time. Local farmers have been heartened by the support and assistance being offered by volunteer groups, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members, and many others.

Recent events remind us that dire circumstances can bring communities together, but the interconnectedness of life shows up in myriad ways. Nowhere is our need for connection more apparent than in our food web. From the very soil, teeming with unimaginable numbers of life forms, and the birds, bees, and butterflies that pollinate, to the farmers who grow our food, and families and chefs who lovingly prepare it, the sense of community permeates and sustains. In keeping with this theme, our Local Hero for this issue is more accurately described as Local Heroes?members of The Farm community
who operate Ecovillage, a learning center where innovative green living resources are developed and shared, contributing to local and global sustainability. We also feature members of another productive community: honeybees, and bring you the scoop on opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills right on the farm. At the heart of Local Table is the mission to provide in-depth information about Middle
Tennessee?s rapidly-growing community of farms, markets, CSAs, restaurants, and artisanal producers. Be sure to support the local growers and artisans you find in these pages, and keep our food dollars circulating in our community.
And remember, we love to hear from you. Were you inspired to take a class, try a new recipe, take your kids to pick strawberries, read a new book, or join a CSA? Do you know a farmer with a fascinating story? Please share with us?you can write to karen@localtable.net. This is your community?we welcome you.
Wishing you the pleasures of shared meals, of busy farmers? markets, of loving family, and the helping hands of friends?
Karen Adler, Editor