Ask Farmer Jason Fall 2015
Question: I love pumpkin pie. Where do you grow pumpkin pie plants?

-Travis, age 4, Marietta, Georgia

Farmer Jason: Actually, pumpkin pies are made out of pumpkins, the same vegetables that you make jack-o-lanterns out of. People cook the pumpkin, add some sugar, put it in a crust, bake it, and then eat it for Thanksgiving! Yum yum indeed!

Question: What is the difference between a frog and a toad?

-Mary, age 7, Manchester, Tennessee

Farmer Jason: Frogs and toads are sort of like cousins. They are from the same family of animals called “amphibians” but they do have some differences. Frogs live most of their life in water; toads live mostly on land in cool, wet places. Frogs are usually green. Toads are normally brown. Frogs have smoother skin than toads. Other than that, they are almost identical.

Question: I think crickets sound pretty when they sing. Do you like it when crickets sing?

-Candice, age 6, Marietta, Georgia

Farmer Jason: I do like the sounds crickets make, except when they sing in my bedroom! They donâ€TMt quite sing like we do. They have no vocal cords or lungs. They make that sound by rubbing their wings together. They can even make different sounds for different reasons.

TIP THE FARMER (Useful gardening tips for busy parents)

When harvesting any hard squash, pumpkin or gourd, be sure to leave as much of the green stem on it as possible. Horticulturists arenâ€TMt sure why, but doing this will lengthen the life of the fruit. It wonâ€TMt rot or soften as fast.

As you harvest the last crops from your garden, be sure to mulch your beds and planters. Winter weeds rob nutrients from the soil and harden the crust. Mulching the areas will keep the weeds out and the crust soft and moist.