Happy Birthday, Local Table!

Local Table celebrates its fifth birthday with this issue. It's been a fast five years and so much has changed in our local food community. Instead of just one farmers' market, Nashville is now home to at least six markets; I don't get a strange look when I mention a CSA, and most people no longer think I'm speaking about the Confederate States of America; more of our restaurants are sourcing local food; and there is a statewide campaign to get local food into our public schools. Our neighborhood markets are filled with new entrepreneurial food businesses-bakers, confectioners, doggie treats, beverages, prepared meals, and so much more! Food trucks are now a common sight almost any day of the week. Middle Tennessee certainly has come a long way in getting fresh and healthy foods made available to everyone.

However, Local Table Magazine, like the farmers we support, also has had its ups and downs. I want to say thank you to all of our advertisers who continue to believe in our work and help make Middle Tennessee a stronger and more viable healthy-food community. Due to their support, we are happy to be the voice in our community connecting farmers and local food purveyors to you-the consumer. There also are lots of individuals who have helped keep Local Table alive-too many to name individually, but whether it be a word of encouragement, a story idea, or helping spread the word, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

In this fall's issue, we take a first-time look at the somewhat underground world of fiber farming. Who knew our area was home to such a vibrant and colorful community of alpaca and sheep farmers, spinners, and weavers? We also take a trip to the area's newest wine trail, the Upper Cumberland Wine Trail, all along the Cumberland Plateau-fall is the perfect time to explore the beautiful back roads of this area.

Another trip worth taking is to Dickson, Tennessee for the upcoming Tennessee Artisan Market & Food Fair event at the Renaissance Center on Saturday, October 27th. A mix of locally made and locally grown, the market day also is a great time to explore the surrounding delights of the Mayberry-esque town of Dickson. We also profile Grandaddy's Farm in Estill Springs, one of our area's most beloved fall family venues. You'll find all this in this issue, plus so much more, including our fall guide to produce, pumpkins, apples, and winter CSAs!

Lisa Shively