Excerpt from What's Cooking in Your Soul?, by Carol S. Batey, Ph.D. CreateSpace (available at Whole Foods Market)

Apple Butter Recipe

12 apples, washed, cored, and peeled 1 pound cinnamon candy 1 handful fresh mint Mint flavoring 1/2 bag brown sugar Cloves Allspice Cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together in a large pan. Add water to the mixture, enough to fill half of the pan or crock pot. Place the pan on the stove on medium heat, or you can use a crock pot placed on simmer. Let the mixture simmer for twenty-four hours on the stove or in the crock pot.

In her new book, What's Cooking in Your Soul?, local author Carol S. Batey illustrates through examples from her own life how our lives are like cooking a really good meal. Each ingredient that goes into the pot is required to make the recipe work, and Carol teaches how these ingredients "blend together" in her vibrational recipes.