Long Hungry Creek Farm is one of the oldest (30 years) and largest (300 acres) biodynamic farms in Tennessee. Farmer, Jeff Poppen, aka The Barefoot Farmer, is known throughout Middle Tennessee for his gardening segments on NPT's Volunteer Gardner. Jeff also started one of the first CSA (community supported agriculture) farm models in the area. He also hosts several on-farm events including, the annual Summer Solistice Celebration, gardening and food workshops and the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Conference which is held the last weekend in September.

Jeff's goal for the farm is to grow the highest quality farm products possible while building an economically viable, aesthetically pleasing and humus-rich farm. It's an important part of biodynamic farming to keep the farm relatively independent from outside inputs and to raise its own feed and fertilizer. Jeff believes in the importance of a farm's value to both the landscape and the community.

Jeff is currently in a battle to stop his neighbor from building two chicken houses for a major chicken producer. Each chicken house will turn over 80,000 chickens a year. The plans are for it to be built right above Long Hungry Creek Farm and one of Jeff's major CSA gardens. If you'd be interested to learn more and see how you can help keep the farm, go to www.barefootgardener.com .