Welcome to the 2019 Local Table Annual Resource Guide!

Spring is sweet—the air smells like lilacs and peonies; cartons of luscious, juicy strawberries are making their way from farmersâ€TM fields to our tables; and farmersâ€TM markets across the region are welcoming the first of the seasonâ€TMs bounty! Every day, we wake up to unsettling news, the fracturing of world alliances, the demise of our republic and the devastation of our natural environment. Itâ€TMs overwhelming for sure, but you can make a difference.

Change begins locally, and by supporting your local growers and artisan producers, you help create and support a healthier, more biodiverse environment. Buying at your local farmersâ€TM market is an act of change and a celebration of the good things in life.

Local Table remains committed to making our world a better place, and to celebrating Middle Tennesseeâ€TMs diverse array of food, beverages, natural beauty and cultures. You can, too, by shopping for locally grown and produced food; dining at restaurants committed to supporting our local food shed; and patronizing small entrepreneurs who are creating businesses to make us and our world a healthier and happier place to live.

Use Local Table to find the best Middle Tennessee has to offer in the world of food and locally sourced items!

Locally yours,
Lisa Shively