Farm Girl Amy Tavalin Returns to Her Roots The smiling face of Amy Tavalin is often the first thing shoppers encounter at the Franklin Farmersâ€TM Market. She organizes the market, mans the information booth and rings the bell to open the market every Saturday, 12 months a year, rain or shine, sleet or heat of the summer. It is not a job for the faint of heart. For the past four years, Amy has been one of the key ingredients that makes the Franklin Farmersâ€TM Market such a gem. A recent Yelp reviewer wrote: “Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and the atmosphere of community engagement was palpable. Kids ran around. Musicians played. People shopped. I ate. All was as it should seemed authentic. Thatâ€TMs the word: authentic.” And, market manager isnâ€TMt the only hat she wears. Sheâ€TMs also the executive director of the annual Pick TN Conference; she co-owns Tavalin Tails Farm with her husband, Brandon; and she is the mother of a rambunctious farm boy, Adam. Growing up on Delvin Farms, Amyâ€TMs agricultural roots run deep. Educated as a teacher, she returned to Tennessee when the farm needed more help. She began by working at the Franklin Farmersâ€TM Market when Delvin Farms was one of only five vendors.