A Tale of Two Farms: Growing a Healthier Tennessee All over Tennessee people are getting it—know your food, know your farmer and know your community. Happy living so often begins with the miracle of green leaves sprouting from the earth, but many people, because of commercialized farming and the busy bustle of modern life, are distanced from such a wonder. Thatâ€TMs why some people have taken matters into their own hands to bring the local farm back to the community. Double N Urban Farm and Half Hill Farm are two such great farms that have sprouted up and continue to grow and promote healthy happy living for their communities. Double N Urban Farm/Stomping Ground Herbals Double N Urban Farm and Stomping Ground Herbals, the shop that harbors all of the delights of the farm, are all about keeping people healthy inside and out, as well as teaching them how they can change their lives with just a few herbs and a little know-how. Nicole Mattingly, co-owner of Double N Urban Farm and Stomping Ground Herbals, became obsessed with urban farming after realizing that itâ€TMs completely possible to grow all the food that you need right in your own back yard. Then, in 2010, she took it a step further and decided to take a stab at growing food for her community. She started with vegetables and over the years discovered a love for herbs, which sprouted her other business, Stomping Ground Herbals. “What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body,” says Nicole. Thatâ€TMs why today she focuses on creating herbal skin and body care products, as well as herbal teas, that are all natural and all local, grown right on her farm. She also teaches classes where you can learn how to grow your own food and medicine. “Itâ€TMs really great for people to bring their kids right down the street to see how their food is grown,” says Nicole, who loves sharing urban farming with her community. To learn more about Double N Urban Farm and Stomping Ground Herbals and the classes Nicole offers, visit stompinggroundherbals.com. Half Hill Farm
Christian Grantham, co-owner of Half Hill Farm, located in Woodbury, Tennessee, has been finding ways to make people happier and healthier by thinking about what is good for people and not what is good for business. Formed in 2012, Half Hill Farmâ€TMs original focus was on farmersâ€TM market offerings such as tomatoes, squash and watermelons. However, the small size of the farm—just a few acres—made it impossible to compete with the quantity that much larger farms could produce. When a beloved relative was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, Grantham began creating a mushroom extract from mushrooms grown on the farm, in hopes of easing the symptoms, and it did wonders. Later, he started making the extract for friends and family. Then he decided that if he was going to make it in larger quantities, he would list it on the farmâ€TMs website. The rest is history, as it exploded in popularity. “This grew from paying attention to the people that mattered in our lives and what they needed, rather than constantly thinking of what our business needed,” says Christian. Later, the farm began making kombucha, a type of fermented tea, after observing how liquids like sugar-loaded sweet tea were affecting peopleâ€TMs health. “Kombucha takes that traditional sweet tea that people are used to and ferments it so that all of the sugar is gone and in its place are healthy probiotics.” Now the farms is opening a store in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. “There is a need and a hunger for farmers to reconnect to their communities,” says Christian. “We need to get back to farmers seeing who they are serving.”