Table of Contents
(Ed. Note â weâTMre missing Meet My Hometown Diner: Homestead Tap and Meet My Local Pub: Bull & Thistle) 1 Welcome to 2018 Local Table Annual Resource Guide 3 Food labels and what they mean
4 Seasonality Guide When to find local foods at the market 5 Map of Middle Tennessee and a bit about our cover artist 6 Artisan producers you can find in Middle Tennessee 7 Meet My Baker: Farmer Reggie Marshall bakes a delicious pie too! X Meet My Hometown Diner: Homestead Taproom & Marketplace creates a home space X Meet My Local â~PubâTM: GainesboroâTMs Bull & Thistle Pub brings Ireland to the Cumberland Plateau 8 Grocers and Farm Stores in Middle Tennessee supporting local producers 9 Meet My Farmer: Wendy Williams growing beauty in Cookeville 10 FarmersâTM markets in Middle Tennessee 16 Unique Tennessee Events and Festivals 20 Restaurants taking it to the field and growing their own food 22 Preserving your â~Mater Madness
24 Discover the backroads with these diners worth the drive 25 Women chefs raising the bar
30 Farms offer singular tastes of country life 33 The old community of Fly becomes new again 34 Annual farm guide from asparagus and strawberries to pumpkins and Christmas trees 36 Cooking Ups! Jilah Kalil prepares your pantry (ed note: need to add byline â Jilah Kalil, Cooking Up!) 44 Know Your Food Waste â a primer from Urban Green Labs 47 Meet My Artisan Food Producer: Short Mountain CulturesâTM love of fermenting 48 Two local goat farms open their doors to teach cheesemaking 66 Resources and Organizations in Tennessee you need to know (ed note: need to add Slow Food Middle Tennessee) Cover Illustration