Middle Tennessee Farms Offer Guests a Taste of Farm Life By Leslie Lassiter
Middle Tennessee is dotted with farms both large and small, giving us all wonderful opportunities to enjoy locally grown produce. But a number of farms also offer the opportunity to experience farm life, whether itâTMs harvesting food and feeding and cleaning farm animals, or just observing the daily activities of farmers from the comfort of a private suite in an old farmhouse. From horse and cattle farms to orchards and crop farms, tents and cabins to luxury bed and breakfasts, guests can get a peek at both the hard labor and the quiet serenity of farm life. Here are just a few farms within a short drive of Nashville that offer a variety of farm stays: Forest Gully Farms, Fly
Chestnut Hill Ranch Bed and Breakfast, Only Hayshed Farms on Big Turnbull Creek, Kingston Springs Mulberry Lavender Farm, Mulberry
Big East Fork Retreat, Franklin