Farm Guide Intro
One of Local Tableâ€TMs missions is to help support local farms and our local rural areas. Every year when itâ€TMs time to confirm our farm guide, itâ€TMs both sobering and exciting to find out about the many changes that have occurred during the past year. Farmers are a tough lot and whether itâ€TMs dealing with extreme weather or a death in the family, they keep going. It may be for the love of a family tradition or for a love of the land, but farmers are some of the hardest-working people you will ever encounter. While itâ€TMs a necessity to eat, we sometimes forget when buying food about the stories behind that food and the toil and effort that went into getting it onto our plates. Letâ€TMs be thankful for our diverse group of farmers—men and women, young and old, new and experienced.